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Table basse Faro

Price €649.00
Haec et huius modi quaedam innumerabilia ultrix facinorum impiorum bonorumque praemiatrix aliquotiens operatur Adrastia atque utinam semper quam...

Brawley coffee table

Price €549.00
With its atypical design, and its high quality materials, the Brawley coffee table will satisfy your desires. Strong in character, its design will...

Milton coffee table

Price €479.00
Simplicity, efficiency and modernity, these are the words that best describe the Milton coffee table. Its industrial and refined style gives it a...

Brandt coffee table

Price €1,629.00
The Brandt coffee table is unlike any other. Its unparalleled silhouette will dress your interior by its mere presence. The transparency of the...

Austin coffee table

Price €489.00
The Austin coffee table is perfect for the industrial style. Its square metal legs give it character and the light shade of wood softness. This...

Milton Two coffee table

Price €389.00
The Milton Two coffee table is a different take on its sister, the Milton coffee table. Has a few details ready. Its raw rubberwood top is placed...

Black-Smith coffee table

Price €649.00
The Black-Smith range is a collection that brings out the truly artisanal side of furniture. The raw wood and steel finishes provide exceptional...

bolt coffee table

Price €279.00
Want to industrialize your interior, give it a loft look? Choose the Bolt coffee table. Made from threaded rods, it offers a totally machinist...

Matchless coffee table

Price €689.00
The Matchless coffee table is unique. The combination of solid oak and its steel base provide a perfect finish. The asymmetry of its feet gives it...

banshee coffee table

Price €469.00
Do you like authenticity? Don't miss out on this rare piece. Created from pine planks not found elsewhere, it is exceptional. A unique design for...

Pack Faro

Price €1,179.00
Fall for this set from the Faro Range. Composed of the coffee table and the matching TV cabinet, this collection will give your interior a lot of...

lumber coffee table

Price €559.00
The style of the Lumber wood coffee table is amazing. Both rustic and refined, it will make your interior wonderful. This coffee table will take...

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