What is the neo-rustic style?


One of the trends of 2022, the Neo-rustic style is in vogue. Highlighted in 2015, the Neo-rustic style is exploding this year.

Thanks to our new modes of consumption and the desire to do it yourself, this style of decoration appeals to everyone and it is easy to reproduce it at home.

We will see together how to succeed in its Neo-rustic decoration. 

But first, what is the Neo-rustic style?


Let's start with the definition of this word which does not evoke much except that the rustic means old.

The suffix Neo comes from the Greek which means new.

So by definition, the Neo-rustic style refers to the new rustic. But then what is it?

To have a Neo-rustic style decoration, you have to put different elements of different styles in it. The goal is to combine the old with the new.

The notable difference that can be found in different interiors is the origin of the vintage objects. 

Where does this enthusiasm for this style of decoration come from?


The desire to marry the new with the old is above all a mode of consumption. In addition to being ecological, it is economical and it is an Eco responsible gesture.

You can imagine that for us, the new generations, this is an asset.

In addition, we can also recover the old furniture of our parents or grandparents and bring them up to date. This allows family furniture to continue while having a trendy interior.

Although the principle of marrying the old with the new is simple, the demand is so growing that manufacturers have jumped at the chance to create a new market.

Therefore they manufacture, today, the old.

As I explained above, the demand is so constantly increasing that the real vintage is no longer enough.

Which piece of furniture to associate with each other?


To make a success of its decoration, it is necessary to assemble strong pieces but which will not spoil between them. It's much easier said than done. So I'm going to give you some ideas to succeed for sure, your choice of furniture.

- A Chesterfield sofa and a round glass table

- A Scandinavian armchair and a retro projector lamp

- An apothecary chest of drawers and an industrial shelf


There are still a lot of examples that I could give you. The combination of different materials is essential. The key word is MIX.

If you want to succeed for sure, you have to assemble several materials.

Iron, wood, rattan, leather... the more different textures and colors you have, the more unique and vintage your interior will be. Add strong pieces like XXL mirrors, or large massive wooden tables.

With all this, your interior will look like you while being Neo rustic.The Neo rustic style is the trend for this fall.

By opting for this decoration, you will have a unique and personal interior.

A clever mix of materials and textures. Each piece of furniture brings a unique touch to your home.

Do not skimp on associations

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